Spring Cleaning

Hello again, and happy spring to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere! I emerge again from my anxious cocoon with the joyous news that my year of training is complete; I am officially ordained! I would like to re-introduce myself to you all as:

Kitsune Hearthweaver,
Priestx of the Everyday Sacred


 I’ll be doing a little housekeeping around here to reflect this next phase of my journey, so stay tuned. My plan is to add a page for me to share the makers and craftspeople whose work I support and whose teachings have been valuable to my own work; now is a great time to let me know what else you want to see from Tales of the Fox!

While I think I am “back”, so to speak, I can’t promise any particular posting schedule; I would like to be around here more frequently as I shake off the cobwebs and start to settle back into my voice after the intense and life-changing journey that the path to ordination has been. If you’d like to hear from me, please reach out! I am quite active on Instagram, and I will soon be adding a “contact me” option to my About page (edit: Contact Me page is now live!). Let’s connect!

The fertile earth is waking up, and little green things are starting to stir. I like to take this day to strip all the beds in our house and wash or air out all our bedding, and if the weather allows open as many doors and windows as I can. Do you do anything in particular to celebrate the changing of the seasons?

In Joyful Service,
Kitsune Hearthweaver



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